9781909136878I have just finished reading this great poetry volume by Molly Naylor from the more alternative publisher Burning Eyes Books (available on their website).  Molly Naylor is a poet, performer, script-writer and much more!

These poems centre around three sections – beginnings, middles and endings.  And they talk of how such a feel of time, or a period in our life, has its own distinct belonging – like the colour of a phrase, or even a poem – that patterns the outside.

The poems are startlingly vivid, honest, straight-forward, funny, poignant, thought-provoking and sad.  They ride crests of laughter, they gather and spiral images, and then they hold us short with a minor thought we may have missed.  Then we are held thinking ourselves while the moment and the thought lands.

I have never read a more performance-based book of poems before, but I absolutely loved these poems.  They have clarity, and have been honed down to paint bare the haunting simplicity of our lives – underneath the mad, worrying complexities that is and this makes it all the more worthwhile and revealing.

In short, I heartily recommend!