A number of weeks ago I went for a short break down on the south coast of the UK in Lewes, near Brighton.  I spent a day in Brighton and purchased this book to read in the hotel some nights.  I was truly gripped, I must say.  It is detective crime fiction, but with a twist that seemingly only a French author could conjure.  Textual analysis, academic witticisms – an incredibly highly developed intellectual sensibility transposed into the detective genre but with astonishing success.  None of the dark matter or deeper recesses of the psyche were compromised with this barbing, sparring wit – it was still a serious story (and a compelling one) with deeply disturbing imagery.  The way the imagery of the crimes were laced around the central imagery of the mysterious tree I thought was superbly done.  It was coherent, and though decidedly original imprinting new ideas on the genre, the text still functioned as a brilliant crime fiction story and was never destabilised to the point of it becoming a pastiche piece of fun.

I have been on the look out for more of her books second-hand.  So far, I have had no luck but will keep looking.

In short, this book is highly recommended!