Firstly, I must say, I am in awe of David Bowie’s late work.  To me it springs from a newly rendered and fully integrated artistic sensibility.  These are rock songs, great rock songs, but boy are they serious.  And this is shown by their layers, delivery and texture.  The lyrics too as the last albums progressed were becoming increasingly cryptic, eliding away from us as we listened.  We were being given hints, but where were we?

So a month or so ago I finally purchased the last posthumous collection of songs following 2016’s Blackstar – the No Plan EP.

Again, I had listened to the songs once online and for some reason they didn’t register.

Now they did.

And it was there again.  That newly crafted texture, so mysterious and captivating.  The strong lyrics too – ‘Here I am – without a plan’.  Along with ‘My kind of truth / could not exist / when I met you.’

So many lingering riddles, newly spun, at the close of a legendary life.

It couldn’t have been more apt.