This was my purchase today.  And I have been listening to it with the touch of incense it deserves.  What strikes me as particularly beautiful is that some of the new songs from the then recent album Old Ideas take on new form and life, and blend so effortlessly into the other songs creating more resonance and coherence than they had on the original album.  I didn’t mind the album Old Ideas when it came out after the first hugely successful world tour, but I felt it lacking in certain expressive or creative dimensions.  I love Popular Problems and You Want It Darker however – and yet, the Old Ideas’ songs on this live concert sound so good, so mature, they swell and gather something with the thoughtful arrangements in concert with a live band.  I must admit, it made me realise that these songs do have dimensions, they just required a different form of realisation.  Perhaps it was the recording or the production.  Anyway – I am now delightfully listening to this collection of live songs, and thinking rather poignantly of that wonderful artist: Leonard Cohen.  Now I’m saying goodbye with a tremulous melody to 2016.