It was an interesting introduction.  How Mussolini moved on two fronts, by force of will and force of circumstance, which was in the end favourable to his critical moment.  He operated legally with in the state, he did not seize power through revolution or total violence.  He was appointed Prime Minister of a coalition by the King Victor Emmanuel II.  The King had previously refused to sign a decree of martial law (put to him by the the Prime Minister) in order to stop Mussolini’s mass movement march on Rome.  Mussolini had built up a movement so strong it operated as a parallel state within a state.  Gradually through the historical circumstance which paralysed the old Italian state since the war, and had rendered the Prime Minister unsure of military confidence or obedience to his orders, Mussolini was able to subsume it as his own through growing political support, particularly the industrialists and establishment liberals who saw him as the lesser of two evils and a bulwark against the far greater threat of Socialism.  It was of course too late when they realised the full menace of Mussolini’s threats.