Rabbi Sacks on Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker

This was a beautiful reading and analysis of Leonard Cohen’s title track from his very last album You Want It Darker.  Rabbi Sacks mingles image and explanation in a very elegant tribute to Leonard Cohen – a figure he deems very Jewish – and suggests that the themes that ran through his work were often from Jewish liturgical or kabbalistic sources.

The reference to the breaking of the vessels – the breaking of the world through the immensity of light which Creation could not contain – to Leonard’s ‘there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ was wonderful.  I had never seen it in this way but now there is a clearly definable suggestion that Leonard Cohen was always very deeply engaged to his Jewish sources (as well as others).

I have referenced the Youtube link above.  Please listen to it as it is a wonderful reading on the uncompromising gravity of one the greatest poetic voices inside song we have had the pleasure to hear.