‘Of life I cannot speak, for I am chained to a happening.’



‘The cryptic reveals unsayable intimacy when used sparingly.  If I talk in riddles, it is because the shadow I follow is only explained by a language tense with ghosts and closing doors.’



‘I am shivering with each moment of lost consequence.’



‘I hear stories told around me.

And as stories, they end.

I want to stay still

in this moment forever –

but I know even this feeling

is threaded with the beginnings of erosion.’



‘I felt like exhibiting my diary of ghosts

for the pageants of December

when something beautiful

is re-born.’



‘A solemn bell.

The crooked lines of fate.

The bewildered eyes –

what of it?

I became weightless in a tempest

and burnt myself blind

– with laughter.’